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We offer more than 30 years of experience.
We believe in quality, design and innovation.

We are a strong and stable group of companies made up of leading experts in modular construction. Our extensive portfolio enables us to find solutions to suit clients all over the world, whether they are building representative headquarters for their firm, seeking to hire an affordable and quick solution for cloakrooms for the local football club or want to build a low-energy designer house. We take an individual approach to each order and, thanks to our comprehensive service, we see it through from beginning to end… i.e. from the floor to the facade. Reliability, quality, fairness and good relations are the attributes that our customers value and that mean they are always glad to return to us.

In the beginning there is a vision.

We help people and enrich the world. We develop, design, produce and construct modular buildings, special modules and ready-to-use modular units.

We design custom modular solutions, wherever you are in the world. And we take it from the floor upwards.


There is beauty in simplicity.

Each new project is a unique challenge for us. We have residential, sanitary, storage, special and low-energy modules and containers available for hire. Contact us to arrange everything. We will listen to you carefully and will work together to find the most suitable solution. We are constantly developing and we supply products with high added value.


Our neighbours are our family.

We find the best possible solutions for buildings for your business, housing, storage, sanitary, humanitarian or other purposes. We put emphasis on quality, whether we are setting up your building site, constructing a representative building or even a nursery school. You can always rely on our products. After we have perfectly mastered the off-site construction process we are able to create the entire project on our premises and then deliver it completed to the destination.


We clad buildings in the latest fashion.

We are a Brno production plant of KOMA MODULAR. We primarily specialize in elements for modular buildings and manufacture aluminium windows, aluminium doors, skylights, and ventilated facades. We supply electric drives for roof-lights.